An interlude of yuck

Little chap, in the unstintingly generous way of all small children, brought home and shared a truly spectacular stomach bug over the weekend. It left him utterly miserable on Saturday and Sunday with me at home looking after him (so no trip to the plot for me), and me off work on Tuesday and Wednesday pulling a number of muscles in some very unpleasant ways. Thankfully all that seems to be behind us now (and not just in the literal sense), and the residents of the cold frame have taken the chance to catch up a bit.

We have a third spaghetti squash seedling coming up, as well as our first gem squash, several cucumbers, and some tiny cucamelons peeking out of the compost. The second sowings of peas and sweetcorn are up and thriving, and the repotted purple sprouting broccoli are doing well. As soon as it stops raining long enough to take the tablet outside I'll take some photos!

I'll also be looking forward to getting stuck in to some more sowing


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