Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

We spent Bank Holiday Sunday in a little day trip with my uncle - a drive down to Southbourne beach (sandy like Bournemouth but without the crowds!). We did eventually dash back to the car as a storm rolled in off the Solent, but we had a lovely morning playing in the surf.

Having spent a good part of the journey asking when we would be at the beach so that he could build sandcastles, the bucket and spade were more or less abandoned once Leo got close to the sea - he was mesmerized watching the waves. 

I did manage to get one decent photo before the clothes started coming off! Leo spent a good hour or so completely naked (but for F50) splashing in the wavelets, playing with other visitors' dogs and generally having a wonderful time. And after all, if your pants are full of sand, better to just take them off, no?


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