Ohhhh my it's been a while!

I considered, as I was opening another packet of vegetable seeds and trying to stop my 5 year old from putting them into the birdfeeder, starting a diary of roughly what I planted and when. Of what the average weather conditions were like, which plants liked which treatments, what grew well in our garden and allotment and what didn't. Then I remembered I had a perfectly good blog here getting dusty!

Two years' worth of dust to be precise. Oops.

Allotment plants:

  • Rhubarb (freebie from another plot holder, unknown variety) - coming up slowly
  • Onions - doing well
  • Shallots - multiplying nicely
  • Garlic (Printanor and Eden Rose) - has suddenly shot up in height, need to keep an eye out for flower spikes
  • Potatoes (King Edwards maincrop and pink fir apple salad) - planted last weekend so no sign of them yet
  • Strawberries (Flamenco and Malling Centenary) - planted from bare root stock three weeks ago, seem to be doing well enough
  • Autumn-fruiting raspberries - five bare root canes doing nothing so far, four self-seeded from our neighbours plot have been transplanted to the raised bed and watered in
  • Jostaberries - in full leaf and flowering well
  • Redcurrants - still a little 'twiggy' but in leaf and flowering
  • Blackcurrants - leggy but not old enough to prune yet. Good to see some new shoots coming up from the base

Vegetable seedlings coming on:

  • Brussels sprouts - planted on Sunday, hopefully to be ready for Christmas
  • Courgette: growing well, two large plants in pots, another two to be planted for 'succession'
  • Cucamelon - planted on Sunday out of sheer curiosity. Need to give some thought to what they're going to grow 'up'
  • Cucumber (Marketmore) - planted on Sunday in small peat pots
  • Peas (Kelvedon Wonder dwarf ) - planted in loo roll tubes about 4 or 5 weeks ago, germinating at weird rates with some 4" tall, some just about sprouting!
  • Purple sprouting broccoli - planted 5 weeks ago in modules, coming along well enough
  • Spinach - coming along well, thinned out. Possibly a little leggy, we'll see how they stand up to watering. Will eventually be planted out in the garden for easy picking rather than the allotment
  • Spaghetti squash - 4 planted on Sunday in medium sized pots
  • Sweetcorn - planted in loo roll tubes, mostly about 2-3" tall, will eventually be interplanted with the spaghetti squash
  • Honeywort - lovely strong looking seedlings thinned out and will be ready for planting out after the threat of frosts has passed
  • Marigolds - will go to the allotment to plant between carrot rows once they've grown on a bit
  • Nasturtiums - was given a free hanging basket kit with nasturtium seeds so I've planted it up and hopefully they'll sprout!
  • Pinks - cuttings from mum's dianthus planter seem to be surviving for now
  • Poppies - thinned out and strengthening up (very leggy though)
  • Scabious - thinned out and strengthening up
  • Sunflowers - planted a week ago, just for fun!
Weather - had a very dry Spring. Really need some rain but it all seems to be blowing over before it gets a chance to fall. Frosts forecast for this week.


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